The safety of our visitors & staff has always been one of the top priorities of Loro Parque Group, and now more than ever. In line with the recommendations of both the Ministry of Health & the Canarian Government, we will proceed with a responsible reopening, with limited capacity, social distancing and reinforcement of cleaning measures. We recommend that you wear a facemask if you can`t respect the 1,5m security distance.It`s mandatory in closed spaces. 

These health & safety measures will constantly evolve and adapt in line with the global situation & authority recommendations.


Cleaning protocols have been intensified in all areas, especially the treatment of different surfaces, in order to guarantee the correct sanitation required by this new normality.


The safety distance is clearly marked, and the  body  temperature of visitors will be measured using infrared digital thermometers by staff wearing masks & face shields.


Before entering the park you will have to pass over disinfected floor mats. When stepping on them, the soles of your shoes will become impregnated with disinfectant, thus being decontaminated. Immediately afterwards, you will pass over an absorbent surface that will dry the soles. Staff will use similar mats when entering the park to begin their work day.


To guarantee adequate washing of the hands at all times, there are automatic and manual hand sanitizer dispensers available for the use of both visitors and staff distributed throughout the whole park.


The park has installed disinfection arches which you can pass through to ensure adequate hygiene.


Due to the new safety measures, customers that exit the park will not be allowed to re enter.


On the slides, all types of floats will be flipped by the lifeguards after every use, leaving the used surface in contact with the chlorinated water, automatically guaranteeing it’s cleaning. The steps and walkways to the attractions will be disinfected on a regular basis by staff members.


Also in the beach area of the wave pool, where the sunbeds are spread out in accordance to the new protocols, the sand will be disinfected for the safety of the clients.

Our staff have a clear vision of the new rules which they will strictly follow. Their uniforms are washed daily at a temperature between 60 & 90 degrees. Lunch breaks are organized in reduced groups and distances are fully respected between tables and the internal staff area.


  • Limited capacity in Siam Park

The reopening will incorporate exhaustive measures for both staff & visitors. This will include limited capacity & require that tickets & reservations are made in advance in order to control the number of visitors in accordance to Government recommendations regarding safe social distancing. For this reason, all visitors to Siam Park must be registered using this platform.



  • New social distancing measures

In line with these recommendations, social distancing measures will be implemented throughout the park, especially in areas with lots of traffic such as queues and public washrooms. Signs will also be in place as a reminder.


The park will offer restaurant options in the following establishments;  Beach Club, Coco Bar & Tea House. The capacity has been reduced in order to take special care that the 2m distance is respected between the tables. In all of the washrooms you will find soap and water, we recommend that you give  your hands a good wash various times during your visit.